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Gas trading company director arrested for US$65,000 theft case

HARARE – Alpha Gas and Energy Trading (Private) Limited director, Bresley Mutungamiri Hove (36), is facing theft charges amounting to US$65,000, as per court records.

Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa granted Hove bail at US$500, and he is currently out of custody.

The complainant, Danmore Mambondiyani, sought to purchase a 40-cube mobile gas tank from Turkey in April 2022 and enlisted Hove’s expertise in the matter. Mambondiyani entrusted his cousin, Godwin Mhishi, with US$65,000 to deliver to Hove for importing the tanker.

Despite acknowledging receipt of the money, Hove failed to deliver the tank to Mambondiyani within the agreed-upon timeframe of six months, which was supposed to be in October 2022.

Prosecutors said in November 2022, Mambondiyani confronted Hove regarding the delay, and Hove presented documents suggesting progress in the process. However, it later emerged that Hove had misappropriated the funds for personal use. Following this discovery, Hove fled to South Africa.

On 18 July 2023, authorities received information about Hove’s return to the country, leading to his arrest when he was found at his previous known residence.

The total value of funds misappropriated in this case is US$65,000, and no recovery has been made thus far.

The court heard that, additionally, Hove is facing separate theft charges totaling US$100,000, and he is jointly charged with John Henry Gould, who is reportedly evading authorities.