You are currently viewing Depressed Filmmaker and Andy Muridzo Video Star Takes Her Own Life
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Depressed Filmmaker and Andy Muridzo Video Star Takes Her Own Life

Depressed Filmmaker and Andy Muridzo Video Star Takes Her Own Life

Zimbabwean depressed filmmaker and journalist who featured in one of Andy Muridzo’s videos, has reportedly taken her own life in Philippines due to depression. The influencer was in the midst of a stressful period, which ultimately led to this devastating outcome.

Sources Reveal Disturbing Details

According to a source close to the situation, Violet Avoid had ingested rat poison as a means to end her life. She was in the process of filing for divorce and had been subjected to cyber bullying, which worsened her mental state. Having recently relocated from China to the Philippines, Violet left behind four children—three girls and a boy.

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Community Mourns the Loss

Fagio Marowa, a member of the Young Zimbabwe Influencers, expressed his sorrow over Violet’s passing. He mentioned that she had confided in him about her struggles in her personal life, which were taking a toll on her well-being. Violet had also made appearances in music videos, including Andy Muridzo & Jeetaz Band’s “Malowe.”

Tragic Timing

The heartbreaking incident occurred just a day after Violet celebrated her 33rd birthday in the Philippines. Her last public communication was a request for proofreading on her Facebook page, where she shared a passage reflecting on the complexities of friendship and the importance of valuing those who try to protect us.

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A Cry for Help Unanswered

In her post, Violet highlighted the need to care for friends and the dangers of taking their support for granted. She questioned the contradiction within those who claim not to care about their own lives but also express a desire to not rest after death. The passage concluded with a plea to sign out before succumbing to inevitable danger, hoping that it would make others realize the value of not taking everything for granted.


As her loved ones come to terms with the tragedy, it serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health support and the need for open conversations about depression and its impact on individuals.