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EMA Launches Unprecedented Operation Targets Bin-less Buses

EMA Launches Unprecedented Operation Targets Bin-less Buses

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has initiated a rigorous bin-less operation targeting public transport vehicles that lack bins. Along Seke Road, a road-block has been set up, with EMA officials diligently enforcing the regulation. Buses found to be without bins are being fined a sum of US$15.

Operation Aims to Enhance Environmental Compliance

In an effort to promote environmental responsibility and cleanliness, EMA has launched an operation to crackdown on buses that lack proper waste disposal facilities. With a road-block stationed along Seke Road, EMA officials are conducting inspections to ensure compliance.

Operation Causes Traffic Congestion and Frustrations

As the operation progresses, it has inadvertently led to traffic congestion along Seke Road. The presence of the road-block, combined with the enforcement activities, has resulted in delays and frustrations among commuters and motorists alike. Passengers have been captured on video expressing their discontent with the situation.

Dispute Arises Over Immediate Payment

In a video recording, an EMA agent can be seen engaged in a heated exchange with a bus driver. The driver argues that he does not possess the US$15 fine required by the agent. He explained that his funds were depleted due to fuel expenses. He pleads with the agent to issue the ticket so he can pay later, but the agent insists on immediate payment.

Drama Sparks Dissatisfaction Among Commuters

The unfolding scene has caused significant inconvenience for passengers, who are now caught in the crossfire between the bus driver and the EMA agent. Frustration mounts as the drama unfolds, disrupting the smooth flow of transportation services and leaving commuters disgruntled.


EMA‘s operation targeting buses without proper waste disposal facilities along Seke Road aims to ensure environmental compliance. However, the resulting traffic congestion and the disputes between bus drivers and EMA agents have raised concerns among the public. As the operation continues, it remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved to minimize inconveniences faced by both commuters and transport operators.