We’ll pull out if Chiyangwa does not go says ZIFA

Felton Kamambo led Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has launched an audacious motion to recall Philip Chiyangwa as COSAFA president insisting Zimbabwe will pull out of the association of football playing nations if the man nicknamed Captain Fiasco does not go. 

ZIFA accuses Chiyangwa of interfering in the affairs of the new administration adding that Chiyangwa’s intransigent behaviour has destabilised the association.

“We advise that due to his interference in Zimbabwean football, we may be forced to reconsider our participation with COSAFA activities during Mr Chiyangwa’s tenure and hope COSAFA will see sense in our request.We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your response and guidance soon,” Joseph Mamutse, ZIFA Secretary General said. 

Mr Chiyangwa who lost the ZIFA presidency on the 15th of December 2018 has recently been actively engaging in the following: 1. Mr Chiyangwa has been, alongside the former ZIFA vice president Mr Omega Sibanda, trying to induce our lawyers who are handling our cases at courts, to let our cases flop,” Mamutse claimed in ZIFA’s motion to COSAFA.

Secondly, Mr Chiyangwa has been organising secret meetings with some individuals bent on sabotaging the current Zimbabwe Football administration where plans were made and implemented to destabilize our football.”

Mamutse adds: “Mr Chiyangwa has been through his contacts within Zimbabwean Football and working with likes of Hope Chizuzu were actively involved in attempts to influence the Zimbabwe senior men’s team players to stage boycotts and near strikes leading to the disturbances which rocked our Warriors camp in Egypt.”     

Chiyangwa is also accused of working with ZIFA board member Chamu Chiwanza to “leak sensitive ZIFA board information and at times outright lies to the public domain through social media such as Mr Hope Chizuzu.”

ZIFA said Chiyangwa had caused severe punishment to ZIFA by COSAFA for alleged failure to host the 2019 COSAFA senior men’s tournament.

The association said all the while “it was him who mislead the entire COSAFA Excom and Congress by improperly committing and submitting that the Zimbabwe Football Association was to host the COSAFA Cup without authority from Zimbabwean government.”

“Mr. Chiyangwa misrepresented to COSAFA that he had been given green light by government to commit ZIFA to hosting knowing fully well no such prior authorisation had been granted by our government and equally the ZIFA Board had not set to resolve that commitment. 

Mr Chiyangwa fraudulently caused a letter to be written by the CEO committing that both ZIFA and government had authorised the hosting of the tournament in 2019. He even misrepresented to COSAFA that government guarantee had been secured,” Mamutse added.

ZIFA has proposed an urgent extra ordinary General meeting for COSAFA to be convened for the recall of Chiyangwa where ZIFA will be given the opportunity to present to Council and a vote on Chiyangwa’s revocation.