Chitungwiza town council turf war: Mayor caught up in witchcraft storm

  • Mayor finds muhacha tree leaves in his office
  • Act of witchcraft suspected

CHITUNGWIZA Mayor Lovemore Maiko was last week stunned after he found muhacha tree leaves with his name written on them in his office.

Corruption, it appears, is not the only thing rampant at council as black magic has also become an issue.

The mayor confirmed to Zim Morning Post that the muhacha-incident was real.

On Friday last week, Maiko convened a special general purpose committee meeting attended by all councillors.

Before the meeting, a security guard manning the mayor’s office noticed a small plastic bag.

Upon opening it, the security officer said the plastic bag contained muhacha tree leaves.

“Three muhacha tree leaves were in the plastic, and on them were written the names of the mayor, Councillor Jabulani Mtunzi, with the other name not visible,” deputy mayor Musa Makweza said.

Makweza said they believed the incident was an act of withchcraft.

According to Makweza, the people responsible for the act could be the mayor’s rivals who have now resorted to black magic to oust him.

The mayor, however, did not reveal any other information concerning the issue.

The muhacha tree is also known as the hissing tree and is said to be of serious spiritual significance.

According to African Tradition Religion believers, the muhacha tree can be used to conduct sacrifices as well as bewitch opponents.


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