Chamisa calls for another commission of inquiry

MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa and the party's NEC are believed to have resolved sending a delegation to the dialogue called for by President Mnangagwa on Tuesday
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Barely two months after the Kgalema Motlanthe-led commission of Inquiry, MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa and his party are now calling for another commission of Inquiry to investigate human rights abuses committed after a wave of the recent demonstrations that rocked the country.

In response to the SADC statement on the Zimbabwean political environment, the MDC Alliance spokesperson Jacob Mafume said his party “noted with the grave concern a chance which was given to President Emerson Mnangagwa to tell the Zimbabwe story.”

“They afforded him (President Emerson Mnangagwa) an opportunity he blew and decided to deliberately mislead the leaders who apparently expressed their desire to assist Zimbabwe,” said Mafume in a statement.

Mafume also stated that Sadc must call for a full inquiry. “We however make the point that SADC noted a human rights situation in respect of which a full inquiry in which multi-stakeholders in Zimbabwe must be given an opportunity to make presentations, tender evidence and giving the leaders of SADC a clearer picture.
“Citizens of the countries deserve a platform where they are heard; so far the feeling is that the space is only given solely to those in power who make selfishly biased presentation deliberately misleading the bloc.”

“We are more than convinced that SADC will hear different perspectives from civic society, Political Parties, Business and Churches in Zimbabwe,” reads the statement.


  1. SADC has always been like that, they will never be on the side of the people, the bloc protect each other, mukasazviitira mega like what Chiwenga/Mnangagwa did in November 2017, inofa kwedu the MDC should pile up the pressure on the regime until reforms are done otherwise we will have disputed elections again in 2023.

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