Breaking: Zifa suspends Chiwanza

Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) has with immediate effect suspended Chamunorwa Chiwanza from the Football Mother board.

Chiwanza is being accused of misrepresenting his qualifications to stand as a candidate in the highest decision making board in Zimbabwe Football.

“Presenting fake credentials to the ZIFA Electoral Committee in 2018 elections by fraudulently misleading that you had the requisite 5 years from a certain football club when this was not the case, as is prescribed in article 32(4) of the ZIFA constitution,” reads part of the letter.

Chiwanza who is affectionately known as “Chamu” is also accused of giving sensetive information to the media and the general public.

Deliberately and persistently leaking highly confidential association
information at times mostly exaggerated, inaccurate or outright lies to
the public domain. This allegedly include pre-empting and diversionary
tactics through accusing the Board of preparing to sack you through your mouth pieces of discredited and Asiagate convicts such as Chizuzu knowing fully well there was a report and complaint made by one Mr Chapeta on your electoral conduct and such had no input of the Board, thereby bringing the Board into disrepute,”
added the letter.

Chiwanza is also being accused of working with former ZIFA President Philip. Chiyangwa .

Chiwanza and Chiyangwa are being accused of orchestrating the demiise of the Warriors in Egypt recently