Award winning actress turns to selling honey

MUTARE – The continuous economic crisis in the country has forced award winning scriptwriter and actress Amanda Ranganawa to turn into

Her production Kushata Kwemoyo won a NAMA award in 2017.

This is testimony that the  economic challenges has permeated across the social strata.
The Mutare based talented actress who has been spotted in the street of Mutare selling honey admitted to the Zimbabwe Morning Post on
Wednesday  that the economic hardships had pushed her into vending.
“l can confirm that l am now into vending because l cannot continue to starve.

“I have dumped acting and script writing. I am now focusing on things that give me money to put food on the table,” she said.
“Besides the fame that comes with acting, we are not getting anything as actors.

“We don’t have anything to show and we are struggling. There is no money in the industry so we need to survive,” she said.
Quizzed if she will bounce back into acting Rangawana said she had no idea.
“I don’t think if l am going to come back in acting and script writing because there is no any economic benefit. But, if the economy changes
in the country, perhaps l might come back,” Ranganawa added.
The award winning filmmaker and actress said the economic disaster in the country has shelved her plans to launch her Zimbabwean television
reality show that is aimed at promoting local talent.
Ranganawa’s feature film – Kushata Kwemoyo – won the 2017 National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) award in the Outstanding Screen Production –
Full Length Film category.
Kushata Kwemoyo premièred at Ster Kinekor Eastgate in Harare on February 22 2017 and was directed by Shem Zemura who directed the
popular movie – Muzita Rababa.