Africa is not yet Uhuru, says Willis Wattafi

 Popular afro-fusion artiste and the founder of the Qaya foundation Mentorship Initiatives Willis Afrika Wataffi submitted that the continent is independent but not et free to have total control of its resources.

He made the sentiments during the launch of his latest album on the eve of Africa Day  at Theatre in the Park.

“We achieved political independence but we do not have total control of our natural resources.

“We the young people must own up and change the system, we need to take control,” said Wattafi.

Titled, Uhuru, the album is pregnant with African themed messages where he clearly laments that the continent ‘is not yet uhuru’.

He said the youths must be given the baton to create a different narrative where Africans gain total control of the rich natural resources.

Wataffi walked on stage with a 10 member outfit and the stage communication was excellent and it was a well-choreographed act.

The set reached fever pitch when Sunningdale based rapper T-Gonzi jumped on stage and the duo dropped their collaboration titled ‘Tauya nemuroora’.

The two gelled saw well such that even VIPs members of the audience like National Arts Council director could be seen displaying their nimble feet on the dancefloor.

Wataffi gained notoriety when he was the lead singer of the multi-award winning group Afrika Revenge along with Taz.

He who wrote most of the popular Afrika Revenge songs such as Anochengeta but they split in 2007.

 He has released top chatting hits like Rusambo and Nzira masanga as a solo artist.

His latest production is likely to see him break the international market.