Anti-Corruption crusade: Ruthless ‘war’ rages on in ZANU PF youth league

The ZANU PF youth league leaders are ‘taking no prisoners’ as a ruthless war rages on within the structures with leaders making accusations and counter accusations of sabotage and corruption against each other, The Zim Morning Post has learnt.

This two way hurling of   brickbats  was triggered by the expose of alleged corrupt ZANU PF bigwigs by the party’s youth league deputy secretary for youth affairs Lewis Matutu on Monday .

The expose torched a storm and unearthed   massive divisions within the youth wing with leaders using social media to spew venom against each other despite the party’s ban on using the same platform to settle scores.

Matutu sensationally claimed that Gokwe-Nembudziya member of parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena was scheming   to scuttle their anti-corruption crusade.

“We are aware of what Justice Wadyajena and team are planning to sabotage our anti -corruption campaign. We are ready for you,” tweeted Matutu.

Wadyajena made counter-accusations that Matutu was the one who was corrupt.

He said he was committed to the fight against corruption but the methodology employed by Matutu was out of line.

“Get serious! We are all against corruption. If you are genuine about addressing corruption go to ZRP or ZACC and report! Not grandstanding with meaningless presser and all because makanyimwa mari. You should start by addressing corruption charges laid against you and your team. Pathetic!”

The exchange of venom between the two parties further gives credence to reports that there are cracks within the youth league.

“Factionalism within the Youth League is rearing its ugly head once again.

“The name and shame exercise widened the cracks, as you can see that youth leaders in the provincial structures are fighting those in the national structures.

“It is also clear that these youths are pawns and proxies of bigger politicians on factional lines.

“Even the lists itself borders on factionalism, imagine how some people whose corrupt activities are well known were spared.

“Some small fish were fried at the expense of the sharks.

‘I also hear that the youths who announced the list had sour grapes against some individuals implicated because they were denied certain favours,” explained our source close to the goings on.

The youth league appears divided along factional lines with speculation that each faction is taking orders from their principals and there is lack of independence in decision making within the youth league.

The list ripped apart top government officials among them, Minister of Tourism Prisca Mupfumira whose association with National Social Security Authority (NSSA) is said to have bled the authority , Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in charge of Implementation and Monitoring Dr Joram Gumbo whose association with the stinking Zimbabwe Airways deal was questioned, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda who is alleged to have had dodgy deals with ZINARA and youthful transport and logistics mogul Tinoda Machakaire member of Parliament Wedza Constituency.

Popularly known as Tinmac, the young politician is alleged to be involved in illegal foreign currency dealings where he has a team which mops hard United States dollar on the streets.