Anti-Corruption crusade is a Zanu PF factional war: MDC

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) took a swipe at the ongoing anti-corruption crusade by government saying it is a Zanu PF factional war.

Addressing the media on Wednesday the party spokesperson Monyane Moleleki said the ruling Zanu PF has no moral highground to fight corruption.

“Zanu PF has no morale capacity to fight corruption because it is the source of corruption.  

The current clampdown that we have seen is clearly another factionalized approach; it’s very selective in terms of victimization of the people that have been arrested. It is an internal process of Zanu PF in terms of resolving its leadership disputes,” said Molekele.

Moleleki, in response to reports that senior MDC officials, especially the party’s Vice president Tendai Biti has been targeted by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission said the party will respect the course of the law if any of their top leaders were to be arrested for corruption.

Moleleki said no one within the party leadership was immune to arrest and the party will allow smooth court processes.

“MDC leaders are not immune to arrest and we will not interfere if there is an arrest within our party as long as if due processes are followed. We will respect the law, but as far as we are concerned our top leaders are not corrupt people…”

“We have credible leaders who are going to make zimbabwe move forward, therefore, for now we just wait and see.”

Moleleki also said the ZACC commission was compromised as it is led by people who are members of the ruling party making it difficult to execute their duties in a nonpartisan manner.

“When we come to the position of fighting corruption we need to look at the credibility of such institutions as ZACC. As you might be aware the commission is compromised in terms of its composition in terms of its chairperson as some of its commissioners have close marital relationship within Zanu PF leadership.“