Africa holding its breath as Coronavirus threatens human race

  • US has over 50 000 deaths during the first three months of the outbreak
  • UK has a death toll of over 30 000
  • Africa now sitting on 2 301 deaths

As the world is fighting to contain the spread of corona virus, events in Africa have shown that the continent is better off in handling the spread than other continents.

Despite predictions by some Afro-pessimist theorists that there will be chaos in Africa with bodies of infected people likely to lie around in the streets, recent reports have proven otherwise.

In April, billionaire and philanthropist Melinda Gates claimed she foresaw chaos in Africa, with bodies lying around in streets due to lack of test kits and medical facilities.

“COVID-19 will be horrible in the developing world; my heart is in Africa. I am worried. The only reason why the reported cases of the coronavirus disease in Africa is low now is most likely because there have not been wide testing of people. The disease is going to bite hard on the continent. I see dead bodies in the streets of Africa,” Melinda said.

However, since the first case was recorded in Egypt on February 14, 65 625 people have been infected and 2 301 deaths recorded so far.

Has the continent been spared from the deadly virus?

The prediction by Melinda Gates that bodies will lie around in every street, with the death toll ranging from (300 000 and 1.3 million according to the World Health Organisation) is probably a prophecy of doom as such has not been witnessed in over three months now.

US and UK under siege

In just three months of the outbreak in the United States of America, covid-19 ravaged not only human life but businesses, cities and hosptals being overwhelmed.

The US recorded close to 50 000 deaths as Washington daily infections ballooned to become the global hotspot for covid-19 with over one million infections.

To date the United Kingdom has clocked over 30 000 covid-19 deaths since the outbreak was first recorded.

Africa holds its breadth

Africa is holding its breadth as the death toll is now at 2 301 for the whole continent since the pandemic broke out early this year.

Some of the poorest countries like Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Burkina Faso have so far recorded few deaths compared to the most developed cities in North America and Europe.

Currently, the hardest hit country in Africa is South Africa which has recorded 10 015 infections, with only 194 deaths while Egypt has recorded the highest number to date of 525 out of 9 400 infections.

However, the low death rates do not mean Africa is immune to the coronavirus and the continent’s leaders need to utilise the current stagnation as they fight the pandemic.


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