Adam Molai takes a dig at Nssa audit report


HOUSING corporation  chairman and cigarette manufacturer Adam Molai has taken a swipe at the National Social Security  Authority (NSSA) forensic audit saying that it is not factual.

The mogul highlighted that the report deliberately  neglected the fact that his company was  at advanced stages of housing construction  in tandem with the agreement  it entered with NSSA. Molai said his company has to date serviced 451 stands and completed  53 units.

“If the forensic audit had taken time they would have seen that there are 451 fully completed stands which were signed and certified by the city of Harare” he said.

“There were 57 fully completed houses with tiles ,kitchen and bedroom fittings,” he added.

This is contrary to submissions made by BDO Zimbabwe auditors in the forensic audit report. The report’s findings states that Molai was awarded a $304 million contract  to build houses without going to tender.

Molai is said to have not build a single house in a submission that is an embodiment  of massive corruption. Molai is one of the top businessman implicated in the NSSA audit which is alleged to have bled pensioners of millions of dollars.

The report has been subject to great controversy with Labour minister Sekai Nzenza being compelled  to engage legal experts to unpack the criminal element of the report.

It has since claimed one big scalp of tourism minister Prisca Mupfumira who is languishing in remand prison as investigations are being carried out by the anti-corruption body ZACC.

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