Covid-19 scare as SA returnees escape Beitbridge quarantine centre

Zimbabwe is on high alert covid-19 scare after several returnees from South Africa  are reported to have absconded from the Beitbridge Quarantine centre where they were being monitored.

This was reported by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity Nick Mangwana.

Writing on his twitter blog Mangwana said the authorities are yet to establish the names and number of people who have escaped the facility.

“Several returnees have absconded from Beitbridge Quarantine Centre. We will publish their numbers and names when the information becomes available,” Mangwana said.

The announcement comes at a time COVID-19 Cases have skyrocketed to 716 cases with the majority of cases coming from South Africa.

During the weekend alone 91 people tested positive for coronavirus with only 11 of them having been infected locally.

South Africa now has more than 196 750 cases and 3 199 deaths.

The escape is likely to risk the lives of many Zimbabweans in the border town of Beitbridge and the Masvingo Province.

It is believed that many of the returnees were bribing the law enforcement agencies that are stationed at the facility.