20 years in jail for drug dealers

Two drug dealers who were intercepted after a tip off to the police and found in possession of  30x50kg bags (710kg) of marijuana were each slapped with a ten year jail term.

Harare magistrate Esthery Chivasa found Alphonse Mushanawani, 28 and Brighton Dinda, 28, guilty of unlawfully dealing in dangerous drugs, she sentenced them to ten years in jail each, the highest level sentence for the offense but suspended two years on condition of good behaviour.

Mushanawani, who is the owner of the vehicle that was carrying the dagga, was denying the charge implicating one Johannes Moyo saying he was the one using his car on the day in question.

Prosecutor Michael Reza said the dagga was stashed in 30x 50kg bags.

The two had to remove the seats of their Toyota Hiace to accommodate the bags.

Court heard the two tried to run away when they were arrested on April 13 last year and only stopped when warning shots were fired.

They were arrested when Mushanawani was driving a Toyota Hiace in which the dagga was recovered at a police roadblock.

This was after detectives received information to the effect that the two were dealing in dangerous drugs and were going to transport the dagga to an unnamed area.

Acting upon the information, the police mounted a roadblock along the road the suspects were going to use and managed to catch them.

Upon arrest, they were caught with the bags of dagga and tried to flee before they were nabbed.