Gaika Mine eviction latest: 3 cops arrested

Three police officers who are part of the security forces team manning Gaika gold mine in Kwekwe have been arrested for participating in illegal mining activities.

The trio is expected to appear in court on Friday.

It is alleged that the trio connived to steal gold ore that was left by illegal miners who had invaded Gaika gold mine after their eviction on Tuesday .

Heavily armed members from the military and police force sealed off the mine and cordoned off the whole mining area this week.

However, two days prior to the police invasion, the illegal invaders transported tonnes of ore to surrounding mills believed to be owned by powerful politicians from the ruling party.

The mine has been at the centre of controversy and protracted legal battles.

A number of deaths have been reported at the mine and it has been brought to the Midlands mining administrator’s attention.

The High Court ordered ZANU PF stalwart and former Mbizo parliamentarian Vongai Mupereri to instruct the youths that he had ordered to invade the mine to leave.