Exclusive: Mugabe’s secret love child unmasked

THE DEATH of former President Robert Mugabe has lifted the lid on the fallen leader’s personal life after it emerged that he has a secret love child sired out of wedlock during the time he was studying in Ghana, Zim Morning Post can exclusively reveal. 

The Mugabe family is currently inundated with people claiming to have been fathered by Zimbabwe’s long time ruler, whose personal life was shrouded in mystery. 

From left Bona and husband, while third from extreme right is Gogo Ncube (Mugabe’s alleged mistress) with her grandchildren

Official records reveal that Mugabe’s first born son, Nhamodzenyika, who he sired with his late wife Sally died in 1966 while he was in prison.

The late former President went on to sire three other children with former first lady, Grace, namely Bona, Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga.

A close relative, however, opened up to Zim Morning Post, saying Mugabe had sired a daughter with a Zimbabwean woman, who he promised to marry, only to later marry Sally. 

“Robert was in a relationship with a woman we only came to know as Gogo maNcube. This was before he met Sally,” the impeccable source told Zim Morning Post. 

Left: The late veteran leader Robert Mugabe and seated in front row is Mugabe’s alleged love child Siphiwe and family

When Gogo maNcube fell pregnant, he promised to marry her. During that time, he travelled to Ghana where he met Sally and married her. Frankly speaking, she was literally dumped.”

“Gogo maNcube relocated to Canada with her daughter, Siphiwe, They have been living there ever since. Siphiwe now has a family of her own. On Siphiwe’s wedding, Mugabe sent a gift through his late sister Sabina, but that gift was rejected by Gogo maNcube.”

Zim Morning Post understands that Mugabe’s Canada-based family paid their last respects to the man who ruled Zimbabwe for over three decades by sending a letter of condolence to the Mugabe family. 

Reached for comment, Mugabe family spokesperson Leo said he was unaware of Gogo maNcube, but admitted to receiving an avalanche of “unsubstantiated claims”.

We would not know what happened decades ago,” Leo told Zim Morning Post.“We getting a lot of people coming and saying ‘I am Mugabe’s child, my mother passed away’ and so forth. But as family, we are not buying into all that. All these admissions should have been made when he was still alive (sic).”

Government sources told Zim Morning Post that “the issue” had been raised “a long time ago, but Mugabe’s aloofness had caused the State to ignore the issue.”

Much of Mugabe’s life is not known by the public with his funeral presenting a window into the man who ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for close to four decades.

Mugabe’s supposedly close relatives were seen at his funeral, many who had not been known to the public despite Mugabe having been in power for decades. 

Even during his ailment days while in power, officials often kept in secret the full extent of his condition, insisting he was only being treated for a cataract.