Hre City Council moots introducing Revenue Collection Centre

HARARE City Council (HCC) is mooting introducing a Revenue Collection Agency (RCA), which it says will be responsible for managing all revenue streams, Finance and Development Committee chairperson Councillor Luckson Mukunguma has said.

Speaking during the city’s 2020 budget presentation, Cllr Mukunguma said there should be a fundraising department within the agency, soley responsible for raising funds.

“Council must have a fundraiser in the RCA, who will be responsible for raising funds from diplomatic missions and other international organisations.

“Your Worship, this has been lacking in council. We have opportunities to benefit from our engagements with the international community,” he said.

 Mukunguma indicated that the 2020 budget’s chief aim was to provide customer satisfaction through timely refuse collection.

He said the city fathers would also import the remaining refuse compactors and avail spare parts.

He added that the refuse collection trucks fleet needed to be boosted.

 “Concerted efforts should also be made to facilitate delivery of 15 outstanding trucks in order to enhance fleet availability,” Mukunguma said.