ZPC splurges US$1million on undelivered goods and services since 2013

Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC)  is under fire for splashing at least US$1 million in undelivered goods and services since 2013, Zim morning Post has learnt.

Zim Morning Post can reveal that ZPC made some payments to companies like Coalbrick ,Heliflex ,Hydraco, Leumar and  Pito Investments and Power Control .

The payments which were made to the six companies were pre- payments to goods which were supposed to be delivered to the power company.

Documents seen by this publication show that Coalbrick was advanced US $ 42 937 to supply coal brick on  December 31  2014 but have neglected to honour their end of the deal to date.

Heliflex was paid US$ 55 008  to supply Lathe machines and spares on April 30 2017 but nothing has been supplied to the cash strapped power utility.

A company known as Hydraco was paid US$ 87 677 was made on  November 3 2015 for refurbishments of  stage 2 mill pinion.

Leumar was paid USD $173 609 on 13 September 2017 to deal with the main laboratory but nothing has been done.

Pito Investments owned by Alex Chideme was paid USD$ 561 935 to supply two transformers and grounding resistors and the money was paid on 17 October 2016.

They did not deliver as per agreement.

Despite paying USD$ 12 082 on  August 7 2013  to Power control  for Cegrit samplers which were never delivered, the power company went on to make another payment on 11 December 2016   for Gamma rays detector meters which were not delivered  and the company went on to receive  another payment for  Sewer electric motor for USD $36 815.

Insiders at ZPC are of the view that those six companies are linked to the top managers and officials within ZPC and all those deals were meant to benefit them.

“One question which you should ask yourself is why did  they continue dealing with a company which was not delivering since 2013, our top managers are linked with those companies and some received kickbacks from those companies at the expense of operations,” said an insider.

Currently, the country is experiencing serious  power shortages while ZPC is making payments to companies which do not deliver  causing more harm to the already deteriorating and ailing economy which needs power for households and industries.