You are currently viewing ZIFA fiasco: Kamambo suspends Gwesela, Mpandare and others

ZIFA fiasco: Kamambo suspends Gwesela, Mpandare and others

ZIFA fiasco: Kamambo suspends Gwesela, Mpandare and others

The fight for control for the Zimbabwe Football Association turned nasty on Monday after the suspended ZIFA board issued a statement announcing the suspension of association spokesperson and the Warriors’ team manager on allegations of siding with the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC).

The suspensions are with immediate effect from all forms of football on the basis of several acts of misconduct whose effect is to bring football into disrepute, the Felton Kamambo led board said.

The association spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela, Premier Soccer League chief executive officer Kenny Ndebele, Chairman Farai Jere, and national team manager Wellington Mpandare are said to have been working with twenty-seven congress members in signing a petition calling for an Emergency General Meeting on Saturday which sought to revoke the mandate of Kamambo’s board.

“The affected individuals will not be allowed to partake in any formal Association football activities until the finalization of the cases. Anyone who shall deal with these individuals must know that they are doing so outside as private individuals and not office bearers of any form of football,” the Kamambo camp said.

“We finally would like to inform all stakeholders that the SRC’s insistence on their illegal suspension will surely result in potentially negative consequences on our football from Fifa. We reiterate that it is not the Board’s wish that this happens and urge all stakeholders to convince the SRC to move away from this destructive position.”

“We as Zifa shall from Tuesday the 1st of February 2022 circulate a dossier titled Untold Story to several government departments, media houses and stakeholders to lay bare the real reasons of the SRC actions, their transgressions and our rebuttal to their allegations and such document shall have documentary attachments to support the information. While we by now should have been in camp with the Mighty Warriors, it hurts that nothing has been done so far while the attack on our board continues unabated,” the camp added.

“The latest attempt to use some of our delegates to change leadership is one obvious case in point of the ever sustained attacks on our board by the SRC where their charge sheet keep changing on a daily basis as they move from corner to post to get hold of any sticking charges but without success. We still hope reason will prevail and that laws and football statutes shall be respected where the powerful are also subjected to scrutiny.”

ZIFA fiasco: Kamambo suspends Gwesela, Mpandare and others