Zesa officials sign warned, cautioned statements over Gwanda Solar Project scandal


SIX Zesa officials have signed warned and cautioned statements over Intratrek boss Wicknel Chivayo’s Gwanda Solar Project, Zim Morning Post has heard.

The signing of cautioned statements came after the Gwanda Solar project saga took a new twist amid reports that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission was ready to take the officials and Chivayo to court over the US$5,6 million which was paid to him without a bank guarantee.

The then projects and technical director, Robson Chikuri, allegedly authorised the signing of payment release certificates (PRC) for Chivayo without due diligence.

The six Zesa officials are expected to appear before the courts to answer to charges set to be preferred against them in line with this matter.

It is reported that Chivayo had the backing of top Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) officials and sources have said the US$5,6 million was paid in batches US$200 000 per week in a move which was meant to sideline the board’s approval, as the amounts were within Chikuri’s authority to disburse.

Payments of such amounts (USD5 million) have to be approved by the board, that is the reason why the money was paid in US$200k batches. This was aimed at snubbing the board as it is the only authority which should approve such payments,” said an insider at ZPC.

Chikuri has been accused of acting more as the accounting officer on that deal.


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