Zesa bills: ‘Snake skinner’ Chasi undeterred

Energy minister Fortune Chasi

ENERGY minister Fortune Chasi said he will not be intimidated by any threats from people who have outstanding bills and owe the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa), the Zim Morning post has heard.

This comes after reports that bigwigs and senior government officials were baying for his blood amid reports that he handed a list of names of those who owe the power utility to the President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“I am undeterred because if people do not pay then there will be no power and loadshedding will continue,” Chasi said in an interview with this publication.

Everyone has an obligation to pay because they are getting a service,” he said.

Chasi has blamed the reduced water levels at Kariba dam, failure of individuals in paying their monthly bills and the technical difficulties at the Hwange power station to be the main problems causing power cuts. 

“Lack of payments affect production of power as we are failing to pay our electricity debts, yesterday for example thermal power stations around the country produced zero megawatts as we are failing to pay our local coal suppliers,” Chasi said. 

“If we are to improve the current electricity supply we need that money being owed to us to enable both external and internal suppliers to supply us with power,” he further emphasized.

The manufacturing sector and the mining sector owe Zesa ZW350million and ZW200 respectively.

He said that demanding these bills is very necessary as politics will not apply to Zesa.

“Politics will not apply to how bills are paid; bigwigs must pay their bills and I will not backdown from this demand for any reason” he said.

Recently Zesa dragged bigwigs, former and serving ministers, to court for failure to pay the bills.

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