ZBC Boss under fire for firing Mandizvidza

The tide is turning against Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Patrick Mavhura after investigations showed that he misled the board into firing the then Head of current affairs, Tazzen Mandizvidza.

During the course of his tenure at ZBC, Mandizvidza was suspended without pay from 2014, reinstated in 2017 and only to be fired again after being accused of improperly benefiting from allowances running into a million dollars.

Insiders said Mandizvidza was said to have double-dipped when he received a Housing loan from a local bank. The loan was facilitated by ZBC to senior managers. He is said to be paying his monthly premiums.

According to documents seen by this publication ZBC accused him of benefiting from the scheme while the national broadcaster was also giving him housing allowance.

The document also shows that the ZBC board wanted Mandizvidza to pay for his unpaid taxes amounting to $332 000. However, investigations revealed that all employees at the national broadcaster had their Pay As You Earn (Paye) deducted but not remitted by the company.

As a result Mandizvidza is challenging the allegation saying it was never his fault that the company did not remit the taxes.

According to the documents Mandizvidza owes ZBC $332 000 in unpaid PAYE, a fine of the same amount and interests amounting to $44

He also owed unpaid PAYE on allowances amounting to $332 038, penalty on outstanding PAYE amounting to $332 038 and interest due on outstanding PAYE amounting to $44 719.

As a result of the misleading information by Mavhura, sources said ZBC will now have to repay Mandizvidza for all the times he was suspended without pay or reinstate him.