Africa Report: Former Malawi ruling party on the verge of making history

Report by Managing Editor , Elias Mambo currently in Malawi

On May 21, Malawians will exercise their democratic right and choose leaders to represent them in the National Assembly, local government council and the  highest office on the land – that of president.

Events preceding the general elections have been headlined by a lot of drama with plots and sub plots scripted by rival politicians.

Predictions   and prophecies have been submitted as to which party will win.

Popular cleric TB Joshua has controversially engraved his name in Malawi’s political discourse after his infamous prophecy regarding the death of former president Bingi WaMutharika.

However, despite of all the hullabaloo in the pre-election period, with the situation on the ground- it does not need a prophet or rocket scientist to tell that former ruling party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is the clear favourite to win .

MCP is on the verge of making history to become the first former ruling party to win back power should  it win the May 21 polls.

It is clear to see that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) is in a self -destructive mode as a result of massive corruption by senior party officials that has alienated them from  voters.

MCP is therefore is riding on omissions and commissions of the ruling  party   giving them an upper hand.

Corruption and misuse of state funds has marred the ruling party campaign trail and the electorate wants the corrupt DPP officials to be held accountable.

Voices of change are echoing in the streets of Malawi and DPP supporters wants to maintain hegemony at all cost as evidenced by events which occurred here in Blantyre on Thursday.

DPP youths ran amok in  Blantyre  removing opposition parties’ campaign posters and painted the city blue with their campaign stuff.

Leading opposition and favourites MCP youths responded by also painting their stronghold Lilongwe red and removed ruling party campaign posters in apparent retaliation.

However, the behaviour exhibited by youths from both major parties is testimony of immaturity in African politics were tolerance seem to have no room.

NB: Zim Morning Post will keep on monitoring and reporting on the events , updates in  the pre-election period in the Malawi 2019 general elections.