ZACC goes for broke in fight against graft… offshore investments to be invaded

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption chairperson Loice Matanda-Moyo has said her institution will be employing new strategies to make sure their investigations lead to convictions.

In an exclusive interview with the Zim Morning Post Matanda Moyo said “every new battle requires a new strategy and we are now 100% confident that all the investigations will result in convictions and recovery of the stolen money.”

We have since realised that the criminal route alone does not lead to recovery of the stolen money so we are now employing a two-pronged approach where the civil route will be simultaneously instituted so that assets of the accused are quickly frozen until the courts clear them,” she said.

Once an investigation commences, we will seek court orders to freeze the accused’s assets until trial is concluded,” she said.

Matanda Moyo also said her organization has memorandum of understanding with other African and Western countries such that any accused’s assets in safe havens will be frozen without difficulties.

We engaged the diplomats and agreed that for this fight against corruption to succeed there is need for the regional and international community to co-operate with us.

“The corrupt loot is taken to safe havens and these are other jurisdictions which we have no control of.

But since we now have this understanding then its going to be easy to follow all the money trails and freeze assets as we battle in our courts with the culprits,” she said.

Since her take over as the new Zacc boss, Matanda Moyo has breathed fire with her commission leading to the arrest of several top government officials including former Tourism minister Priscah Mupfumira who is still in remand prison.

“We are leaving no stone unturned, we are moving to the councils as well as the private sector. The rot is so much deep-rooted. It needs men and women who are determined to clean this mess and I happen to be committed to that.”

Upon being asked how she will carry out her duties if some of her colleagues including her husband is fingered in any dirty deals Matanda Moyo said she will not obstruct the course of justice.

I said it before that I will not be conflicted in any way. I am a judge and I want everyone to know that in such a situation I will recuse myself.”