Gomwe labels Chamisa ‘childish’

THE battle to control Zanu PF Harare Province intensified over the weekend during the violent District Co-ordinating Committee (DCC) elections in the capital.

FORMER ZANU PF Harare province youth league chairperson Godfrey Gomwe has on Thursday blasted MDC President Nelson Chamisa for displaying political  immaturity tendencies following his utterances at a rally in Glen View last week.

He described Chamisa as a “child” who still has a long way to mature in politics.

 “Chamisa is not presidential material, he does not fit to lead us as a country, he still has a long way to go , the boy is actually way below my level when it comes to politics,” declared Gomwe.

Gomwe went on to say that Chamisa’s utterances over the weekend were “empty and childish”.

“His sentiments over the weekend in Glen View showed us that he is childish and empty headed , he is not mentally fit to match President Mnangagwa when it comes to real politics,” added Gomwe

Gomwe was responding to utterances made by Chamisa at a rally on Glen View South.

He said the Zanu PF led government was pushing the opposition too far.

He however said the MDC shall not be provoked to a point of using guns to retaliate to the abuses.

“The fact that we are not carrying guns does not mean we cannot. It is just a choice that we do not, because Tsvangirai taught us to be peaceful. If I’m given a gun, I can use it. I may be overpowered in the process, but I can use it.

“We can use guns, but we just don’t want to cause unnecessary bloodshed,” Chamisa said to cheers from party followers.

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