ZACC commissioners receive $2 million, luxury cars, land as ‘golden handshake’

The  Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Committee (ZACC) commissioners who recently resigned received $200 000 each making a cumulative figure of a staggering $2 million, top of the range vehicles and upmarket residential stands as a ‘ golden handshake’,  Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Sources close to the goings-on revealed that the commissioners got $200 000 each and complemented by top of the range cars each.

“The commissioners got $200 00 reach, VW Amaroks and residential stands in Borrowdale.

“I am not sure about the value of the stands,” revealed our source.

A snap survey on the current market prices established that the cheapest stand in the area goes for $80 ooo for a 2000 square metres stand up to $400 000 for 5000 square metres stand.

The Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Energy Mutodi had previously confirmed that the commissioners will receive pay- outs although he did not state the figures.

“ The labour laws also apply to commissioners, obviously they are terminal benefits due either if  one retires or resigns,” said Mutodi.

One of the commissioners who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the development.

“ We simply tabled our demands to the government as a listening government it complied.

“ I know some people might say that we do not deserve to get the packages we want but remember we all had contracts so we feel the government did well to honour our agreement since we delivered what they wanted us to do,” he said.

On January 31 2019, all the commissioners, headed by the chairman, John Wabhira resigned.

This publication had earlier that month reported  that month that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had summoned the commissioners and advised them they had been ineffective in investigating corruption.

The commissioners were alleged to be  involved in corruption themselves.

ZACC has generally been viewed as largely ineffective in fighting corruption mostly because of some  government officials and political interference in its work and financial suffocation which has reduced ZACC’s institutional independence.