Xenophobia is a crime against humanity: Zimbabwe Exiles Forum

The current xenophobia attacks on non-South African residents in South Africa has been described as politically connected gross human rights violation and should be classified as a crime against humanity.

The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) has classified the current targeted killings on non-South African residents as politically motivated action and blames politicians for their failure to arrest the situation.

We have always said that with the role of politicians and state inaction, this horrendous offense now amounts to a crime against humanity,” advocate Gabriel Shumba said.

Shumba said there was a political hand in these xenophobic attacks and this has resulted in the suffering of the defenseless non-nationals in South Africa. Black South Africans continue losing lives, properties and now live in fear.  

Speaking to this publication Shumba said “this was a crime against humanity which now requires urgent intervention from regional and international bodies.”

“As the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF), we now appeal to regional players such as SADC and the AU to take this seriously. We call upon the relevant UN Committee or a special one to investigate more and recommend action at an ICC level. The African Commission Special Rapporteur came and investigated a few years ago but nothing happened.”

He further said instigators are known but nothing has been done to bring them to account thus showing the state’s unwillingness to address the crimes hence the need for an intervention from international bodies.

Meanwhile Julius Malema leader of South Africa’s opposition party has called President Cyril Ramaphosa to recall the statement he uttered which sparked the current horrendous attacks on foreigners.

Malema urged South Africans to respect fellow Africans and the long relationship that existed between black South Africans and its neighbors which dates back from the time of the liberation war.

The current attacks where sparked by Ramaphosa  after he gave a warning to foreigners in South Africa who are operating businesses without licences.