CAAZ saga: Chawota, Karonga to spend another night in remand prison

Suspended Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) general manager David Chawota who is jointly charged with the director of legal services in the ministry of transport and infrastructural development Angeline Karonga on corruption charges will spend yet another night in the comfort of the country’s remand prison facilities.

The two who are facing charges of corruptly concealing information from a principal, pertaining  a personal interest in a transaction, were remanded in custody until today for the State to respond to their bail application and the matter was rolled over to tomorrow for bail ruling.

The State is opposing bail indicating that the duo are a flight risk and can potentially interfere with witnesses.

Chawota is, however, in custody after he was denied bail in a matter in which he is facing charges of criminal abuse of office for allegedly usurping the board powers and unilaterally awarded a US$33 million contract to a company he handpicked despite contrary advice from government.

The duo milked government over $1 million through their company Akodac Consultancy Services  where they are both co-directors.

Allegations against them are emanating from failure to notify ZINARA, their principal that their company had made submissions to supply bulk drummed bitumen to government.

They were awarded the tender without their principals knowledge.

On the other matter, Chawota stands accused of signing a contract without board approval which saw CAAZ purchasing equipment worth US$33 million from a handpicked company without going to tender and the State opposed his bail