World Cancer Day: Thousands sent back home to die

  • About 1 451 women die yearly
  • Chemotherapy ranges from ZWL42 000 per session

HUNDREDS of Zimbabwean women are dying more from cervical cancer than HIV and Aids annually, with medical institutions sending thousands of patients back home to die due to a shortage of screening machinery.

According to the Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry, 2 270 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, with 1 451 said to die every year in Zimbabwe.

In a snap survey by Zim Morning Post, only Mplilo General Hospital in Bulawayo offers radiotherapy.

Private-owned hospitals, who own much of radiotherapy machines, charge a minimum ZWL42 000 per radiotherapy session.

Cancer patients may require up to 25 radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions, depending on which stage of cancer on is at.

In an inclusive interview with Zim Morning Post, Lancet Clinical Laboratories manager Shingai Chikutye said blood cancer screening per session costs ZWL284.

A blood cancer screening requires about ZWL284 per session and when it comes to tissue operations like breast operation, it ranges from ZWL360 to ZWL 1 200,” he said.

Last year, First Lady

Auxillia Mnangagwa said over 200 women aged 15 years and above had undergone cervical cancer screening on the sidelines of the commemorations using her foundation’s mobile cancer screening facility.

My vision is for the message on cervical cancer to be spread as widely as possible, with emphasis on getting to remote areas where we are raising awareness on the importance of screening and early treatment,” Mnangagwa said. 

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