Africans should not be concerned by the US election: Malema


Africans should not be concerned by the US election: Malema

SOUTH Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has said there is no need for Africans to pin their hopes on the the United States election saying it will not change anything on the current problems facing the continent.

Malema was speaking to the media in South Africa on Wednesday at a time many Africans have pinned their hopes on Democrat Candidate Joe Biden against the incumbent, Donald Trump.

“We are not interested in the elections of the US, because it’s one party contesting within itself. The ideology and the mission of the Democrats and Republicans is one. Their ideology is to put America first and conquer the world,” Malema said.

Malema said there was no need to concentrate on their elections since the country is full of selfish people.

“But Americans are the same only caring about themselves why should we care about them,” Malema said.

“If they are robbing each other it is good. They are tasting what we have been tasting here in Africa. They must know what the rigging is about, but Trump is a cry-baby, he must accept defeat. If he is defeated he must accept. The same with [Joe] Biden,” Malema said.

The fiery politician further said it was not wise for the two candidates to start claiming electoral fraud as it will set a bad precedence for the third world countries, particularly in Africa.

He added that with its technological advancement, the US must have an electoral system that prevents any form of manipulation.

“They are a first-world (country). They cannot be speaking about the rigging of elections because they are supposed to have the most sophisticated electoral system … and if we third world (countries) are still complaining about rigging and the first world is also complaining, then democracy is in danger,” Malema said.

His statement comes after another renowned Pan Africanist and public speaker Patrick Lumumba criticised African leaders for putting too much interest in the USA election while neglecting the electoral disputes in Afica.

“While I know that USA is a world power I am rather surprised even amused at how African intelligentsia are captured by American Presidential Elections but not Guinea,Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire,Uganda,Tigray (Ethiopia),Ghana etc,” Lumumba said.

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