Victoria Falls Town Clerk under ZACC radar

VICTORIA FALLS  town clerk Ronnie Dube is reportedly under close watch by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) following suspicious land transactions in which he appeared to be selling 15000 hectares of land to himself, the Zim Morning post has learnt.

Sources said that the transactions of the land are very controversial since he is the town clerk and at the same time the land issuer.

Sources say suspicion arose after a notice was issued of the disposal of land from the town clerk, who is the issuer to himself, who again is the beneficiary, giving rise to suspicion of improprietry an conflict of interest.

According to the source Dube was given a 48-hour-ultimatum on the 5th of August 2019 ordering him to provide proof of the land adverts he placed in a newspaper in July according to 152(2) of the constitution.

“He was asked to furnish Zacc with proof of advertising in two issues of a newspaper in terms of section 152(2) of the act the source,” revealed the source.

He was also asked to provide the appropriate documentation of the land disposal and the circumstances around the disposal of the land in which failure to comply will lead to implementation of the law and prosecution of any acts of corruption pertaining the land.

“If he fails to adhere to the demands of Zacc the commission is to consider deploying the full raft of measures the law places at its disposal which include investigation and subsequent prosecution of anyone who may be suspected of acting corruptly in this issue,” added the source.

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