UN steps efforts for another $60 million for Cyclone Idai

HARARE- United Nations and other international donor community are pushing to raise a further $60 million in a bid aimed at averting the humanitarian crisis affecting Zimbabwe following Cyclone Idai that ravaged the Eastern province killing over 200 people and displacing several thousands.

Stakeholders including United Nations, donors, Government officials and Non-Governmental Organisations held a meeting on Friday to launch a revised Humanitarian Flash Appeal to include response to Cyclone Idai.

The request will see Zimbabwe looking forward to USD 294 million required by humanitarian partners to complement national response efforts to drought, economic challenges and Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe.

The launch of the revised humanitarian flash appeal convened by the UN Resident Coordinator was held at the UN offices in Harare where senior representatives from Government, ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps and heads of development cooperation, UN heads of agencies, and non-government organisations.

UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Bishow Parajuli said United Nations, in response to Government’s request, launched a Humanitarian Flash Appeal recently requesting for USD 234million to address the emergency needs of 2.2 million people as a result of economic challenges and drought in urban and rural areas of the country.

‘‘Cyclone Idai has left an additional 270,000 people extremely vulnerable, bringing the total number of people targeted for humanitarian assistance by the UN and humanitarian partners to 2.47 million people with USD 294 million resources required,” Parajuli said.

He welcomed the commitment of the humanitarian community and called for an urgent response to the revised humanitarian flash appeal in order to meet various immediate needs, including food, water, shelter, health and nutrition, education, protection, and logistics as well as early recovery needs.

The Zimbabwe Vulnerable Assessment committee revealed that over 5 million people will be food insecure in 2019.

Permanent secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Ms Constance Chigwamba focus should not only be on the response to Cyclone Idai but also to the drought affected population.

Revised humanitarian Flash Appeal brings hope to rising humanitarian needs of people in Zimbabwe due to a dry spell, challenging economic situation that have been compounded by the recent Cyclone Idai disaster in the eastern highlands part of the country.

UN Financial Tracking System (FTS) has said the funding for the drought response stands at USD 25.5 million representing 11% of the total requirement.

‘So far USD 5.4 million has been received for Cyclone Idai where several additional pledges have been made by humanitarian partners,’

Humanitarian Flash Appeal aims save lives and livelihoods by providing integrated humanitarian assistance and protection to people impacted by the economic crisis and severe food insecurity, provide life-saving humanitarian health assistance by responding to outbreaks and procuring essential medicines and build resilience of the most vulnerable communities to mitigate against the impact of the deteriorating economic situation.