UK hails Zim political tolerance

  • MDC meeting conducted peacefully
  • MDC apologize for the harassment of journalist
  • Rally comes after MDC activities were banned between 2018 and 2019

UNITED Kingdom (UK) ambassador to Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson on Wednesday commended political tolerance in Zimbabwe after the MDC successfully conducted their rally in Mbare on Tuesday without incident or police intervention.

Writing on her microblogging Twitter account, Robinson said she was impressed that the meeting was conducted peacefully.

Encouraged to see that yesterday’s MDC meeting in Mbare went ahead without interruption. Important that supporters of all political parties and their leaders are able to hold gatherings and that these meetings are peaceful,” she said.

Robinson also commended the MDC for apologising to a reporter who was violently manhandled by Nelson Chamisa’s personal bodyguards at the event.

Good to hear too that the MDC has reached out to the reporter who appeared to have been manhandled by security at the event,” Robinson added.

The MDC rally to mark Chamisa’s National Agenda 2020 was held Mbare on Tuesday in Mbare High Density Surbab after the Zimbabwe Republic Police had denied the MDC permission to stage their initial meeting scheduled for January 7.

After banning the MDC rally, police on January 17 raided Harvest House, MDC’s party headquarters, on accusations they harboured machetes and other weapons inside.

Robinson’s relief comes after police between 2018 and 2019 caused MDC to abort its intended rallies, citing security concerns.

On several occasions, police action of banning MDC rallies would often result in violent clashes between party supporters and security establishments across the country.

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