Trouble in paradise as Mutodi undermines Mnangagwa

  • Analysts say Mnangagwa must call his subordinates to order
  • Mutodi skating on thin ice
  • Moyo, Mutsvangwa want Mnangagwa to rein in Mutodi

DEPUTY Information minister Energy Mutodi  on Wednesday made another characteristic gaff, taking to his microblogging Twitter handle tongue-in-cheek lambasting what he thought was an unholy alliance between the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Information Sibusiso Moyo and Monica Mutsvangwa, respectively.

This comes as insiders say Mutodi is undermining the appointing authority by publicly attacking the ministers appointed by president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Surely you dont go on public spaces and attack ministers appointed by your principal.

Mnangagwa will be forced to act and in thiis battle Mutodi is likely to lose,” said one senior government official.

Sources close to Moyo and mutsvangwa say the two senior ministers want the president to intervene.

They (Moyo and Mutsvangwa) have since raised the issue with the princpal (Mnangagwa) because they feel they cannot stoop so low and respond to him,” said the source.

Mutodi took to his Twitter handle saying: “Living in fear of the Chris Mutsvangwa – SB Moyo coalition; I hope it won’t resort to wartime tactics. Appealing for prayers.”

The misunderstanding among the trio appears to have emanated from a reprimand after government, through Moyo, distanced itself from statements by Mutodi on measures taken by the Government of Tanzania to contain COVID-19.

The Government of Tanzania did not implement a full COVID-19 lockdown contrary to the World Health Organisation’s recommendation.

Political analyst Kudakwashe Munemo said that the fight is a bad reflection on the people of Zimbabwe.

“The fight shows continued greediness on our leaders it is a clear undermining of government and the appointing authority, these individuals should learn to separate government issues and their party fights,” he said.

Prominent University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunungure called for unity among both the ruling Zanu PF and government functionaries, further calling on Mnangagwa to show leadership by ordering a stop to the public spats among his subordinates.

“The brawling among the trio of  Mutsvangwa, Moyo and Mutodi is an indictment on the person of President Mnangagwa, who is the appointing authority,” he said.

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