Money changers regroup in Harare CBD

  • Money changers, cell phone dealers flood CBD
  • Malls resume operations
  • No social distancing observance

INFORMAL traders around the Harare Central Business District (CBD) are slowly taking back their business spots as the government has eased Zimbabwe’s lockdown conditions, Zim Morning Post has observed.

In observations made between Monday and Wednesday in the CBD, informal traders, especially forex and cell phone dealers, have begun their illegal operations while some flea market malls are slowly opening.

Some forex and cell phone dealers are now operating along First Street, Copacabana Bus Rank, as well as at the Ximex area.

Speaking to Zim Morning post, some cell phone dealers along First Street said business was getting to normal hence the need to resume their operations.

“We have been operating since last week but numbers are increasing by the day with our clientele base also improving, hence we will continue operating. We survive on selling and changing money and the lockdown is basically a death sentence to our families,” said a vendor who talked on condition of anonymity.

The informal traders said they felt betrayed by the government after it failed to give them food aid during the first and second phases of the lockdown, hence the need to resume their operations in the CBD.

“Our assumption was government will provide us with food while at home, because we currently have no savings to sustain the lockdown so we have no option than come to our old ways of surviving,” he added.

Zim Morning Post also observed that many people were beginning to operate, with some of them not exercising the standardised regulations pertaining to social distancing.

Among the malls opened include the Kwameh Nkurumah Mall, Home Gate and the Zim Post Mall.

In the third phase of the fight against COVID-19, government allowed the industry and commerce sector to start operating but gave strict conditions to businesses that would want to resume operations.

Businesses have been ordered to test their employees before they start operating as well as provide infrared thermometers, sanitisers and social distancing facilities to their clients, among other conditions.

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