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Teenager kills three while on free bail for another case of attempted murder

By Lorraine Ndebele

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has raised alarm on the loss of life through murder with most of these cases emanating from petty disputes.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, the Police urged members of the public to respect the sanctity of life and to solve disputes amicably.

In one of the incidences recorded on October 22, a male juvenile aged 16 fatally struck Sarina Mbedzi (24) with a wooden stick before strangling her two children, Thanganedzo Mbedzi (6) and Phidzuro Mbedzi (5) at Village 27 Fula, Beitbridge, dragging their bodies into a kitchen hut which he set on fire, resulting in the three being burnt beyond recognition.

Police said they recovered a Mobicel cellphone and ZAR 72.00 cash from the suspect.

“The teenager is on free bail for another case of murder for killing his aunt, Muhlaba Mbedzi (62) in April 2021 in Fula Village, Beitbridge,” said police spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

Elsewhere, a nine-year-old grade one pupil assaulted another grade one learner aged twelve whilst they were playing a kicking game known as “Kigida” or “Magadu” on October 15 at Tokwane Ngudu Primary School in Masvingo and the victim died five days later at Dohwai Village, Masvingo.

In a related case which occurred on October 20, at Siakaloba Village, Siakobvu, Responsible Siazemba (22) was stabbed with a knife on the groin by his brother, Lloyd Siazemba (18).

Police said this was after Sizemba became violent whilst they were thatching a bedroom hut together with their other brother, Joseph Siazemba (25).

“Responsible Siazemba charged towards his brothers whilst armed with an axe, after he allegedly felt disrespected by his young brother, Lloyd Siazemba who had assigned him to bring thatching materials”, Nyathi said.

On October 2, Thulisiwe Ndlovu (38) was assaulted with open hands, booted feet and a stone by Thulani Ndlovu (40), Mkokeli Ncube (31) and Nephani Sibanda (31) at a beer drinking spree in Pumula North, Bulawayo after a misunderstanding over beer and the victim was referred to Mpilo Hospital where he died whilst on admission on October 21.

Meanwhile, on October 21, Gilbert Ndlovu (33), who is a suspected mental patient, fatally struck Jerot Sibanda (61), with an axe on the head for an unkown reason, at Dheka Village, Lupane.