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Zimbabwean-Born UK Ex-Convict Charged with Murder in Wife’s Stabbing

Zimbabwean-Born UK Ex-Convict Charged with Murder in Wife’s Stabbing

A Zimbabwean-born Obert Moyo who is also an UK ex-convict has been charged with murder for stabbing his wife.

The Horrific Murder

The tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Friday on Dukesgate Grove in Little Hulton. Perseverance Ncube, a 35-year-old mother, suffered a single stab wound to the chest, ultimately leading to her untimely demise. Shockingly, her two young children witnessed the brutal attack.

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Former UK Prisoner’s Background, Investigation and Relationship

Moyo the accused is an asylum seeker, had recently been released from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for a section 18 wounding. He had been electronically tagged. Greater Manchester Police initiated a domestic homicide review referral in connection with the case. While Moyo is believed to be an ex-partner, the precise nature of his relationship with Ncube is still under investigation.

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Neighbors’ Accounts and Efforts to Save Ncube

Neighbours recounted the shocking events and their efforts to save Ncube’s life. Witnesses reported seeing police arrive at the scene just before 3 am. Some residents mentioned previous sightings of Moyo hiding in bushes and acting suspiciously.

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Family’s Heartbreaking Statement

Ncube’s family expressed their profound grief and shared fond memories of their beloved Percy. Describing her as a loving and devoted mother, they emphasized her involvement in the community and church.

“She was a loving and devoted mother who lived for her children, family, and friends,” stated a family member. “Percy was an active member of her church and had created a beautiful community for herself and her children. But she was cruelly taken from us due to domestic violence.”


The murder of Percy by an asylum seeker serves as a reminder for those seeking a better life abroad to reflect on their reasons for seeking refuge. This tragic incident highlights the devastating impact of domestic violence on families and communities.