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Seven killed in tragic accident on Marondera-Harare route

MARONDERA – Tragedy struck on the Harare-Marondera route as a Honda Fit, collided head-on with a VW Touareg at the 60km point along the Harare-Marondera Highway. The collision resulted in the loss of seven lives and left four individuals injured.

The incident unfolded when the driver of the Honda Fit, traveling from Marondera to Harare, veered into the path of oncoming traffic, leading to the catastrophic head-on collision with the VW vehicle en route to Marondera.

The impact was devastating, causing the immediate death of seven occupants in the Honda Fit, including the driver. Additionally, two individuals from the same vehicle and one from the VW suffered injuries.

The deceased were transported to the mortuary at Marondera District Hospital, while the injured parties were swiftly taken to the same facility for urgent medical care.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi verified the occurrence of the accident and revealed that further details would be disseminated in due course.