Serial fraudster in court

A Harare woman who has pending cases before the Harare Magistrate’s court has been hauled before the court on fresher charges of defrauding a total of $116 400.

Deajury Doro (43) is being accused of misrepresenting to desperate individuals before conning them of their money and disappearing. She appeared before Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa facing two counts of fraud and she is yet to make her bail application.

Prosecutor Sebastian alleges that on September 3 last year, Ruramayi Magaya who is employed as a consultant at Avon Restaurant in Avondale received a call from one Renica Mapfunde his former business associate advising him to deal with Doro as she had access to United States Dollars and he received her contact details.

On September 12, Magaya contacted Doro and they arranged to meet up and she misrepresented that she did in fact have access to the money that he needed. Magaya acted on this misrepresentation and deposited $26 700 into Doro’s Steward Bank account.

After the transaction went through, Doro promised to hand over the United States Dollars to Magaya within an hour. She however failed to do so prompting Magaya to approach Steward Bank and try to reverse the transaction. Magaya, through the bank, ordered her to transfer the funds into his friend’s Steward Bank account but instead, Doro entered the wrong details before disappearing.

lt is further alleged that Doro also misrepresented to one Nobunkosi Ndlovu that she had 74 tonnes of groundnuts that she was selling at $89 700 and a deal was made. Ndlovu agreed to send money into Doro’s Steward Bank account and meet up with her at Holiday Inn for collection of the groundnuts after.

The transaction went through but Doro disappeared soon after that, the court heard. Ndlovu, however, managed to contact Steward Bank and reported the matter but $13 700 had already been transferred into another account.