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New MP Jere constructs speed humps to save lives in Murehwa West

Newly elected Member of Parliament for Murehwa West, has shown commitment to serving his constituency, even before being sworn in, by building speed humps at strategic locations in his constituency.

The speed humps, which are located at Gosha School and Cross Business Centre, are meant to reduce the risk of road accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

The dangerous spots at Gosha School and Cross Business Centre along the Harare/Mutoko road had claimed the lives of many pedestrians over the years due to speeding vehicles.

The busy Cross Business Centre had earned a notorious reputation as a black spot where pedestrians risked their lives just by crossing the road.

Letwin Makichi, a market trader at Cross, was one of many who had witnessed the grim toll this dangerous stretch of road had taken on the community.

“This is a black spot, every two to three weeks someone would get hit by a car, but the new MP (Jere) yesterday constructed these speed humps, and all speeding vehicles now have to really slow down,” she said.

“This is a lifesaving intervention by our MP. We are all grateful for what he has done just a week after being elected into office. The man has already started fulfilling his election promises and we hope that in the five years he will be in office, he will continue to actively develop our area. I think we put the right person in Parliament, and it looks like his agenda is nothing but development.”

Another trader at Cross, who preferred to be known as Tapiwa, applauded the MP’s swift response. “We thank the new MP, Mr. Farai Jere, for this development. Everyone is now happy that the vehicles are now really slowing down because of these humps. This might look like a small initiative but it’s huge considering the many lives we lost on this road,” he said.

Another resident said that Jere was a role model for other politicians and a true representative of the people.

“He is not like those who only come during elections and then disappear. He is always here, listening to us and helping us. He is one of us and he understands our challenges and aspirations,” said the resident.

“As the owner of CAPS United, he was already a familiar figure in Murehwa, but now he will be seen in a new light — as a dedicated public servant committed to improving the lives of his constituents.”

Jere said he was fulfilling his campaign pledges to improve the infrastructure and development of Murehwa West.

“I am here to serve the people of Murehwa West and to make sure that their voices are heard. I am not here to enrich myself or to pursue personal agendas. I am here to work with the people and for the people,” Jere said.

He added that he had more plans to bring positive change to the area and would work closely with the government and other stakeholders to attract investment and create employment opportunities for the youth.

Jere won the Murehwa West MP ticket after garnering 17,733 votes, in recently held elections, en route to defeating Lesley Mukurazhizha of the main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and Silence Nhamburo, an independent candidate, who received 7,271 and 114 votes respectively.