Sekuru Banda to represent Africa at global herbal therapy conference

Popular and millionaire  traditional healer — Sekuru Kamwelo Banda will represent the continent at this year’s Global Herbal Therapy Conference scheduled for the United States this month.

He left the country last week.

The Zimbabwe based millionaire traditional healer is part of herbalists drawn from all over the world who are embarking on a series of conferences lined up in Europe, Asia and South America.

The conferences place special emphasis on Chinese, African, European and American medicine with particular interest in herbal therapy.

Sekuru Banda’s claim to fame is  his exploits in using traditional medicines as well as using baboons to recover stolen property, prescribing concoctions on cheating partners, exorcism of demons, witches and wizards as well as healing different ailments.

Last year was on the pole position at the most influential healer in Zimbabwe.

He has managed to  attract to his shrine people from all walks of life and various backgrounds. People visit from countries like United States of America, Europe, Asia and the rest of Africa.

His diverse clients among them politicians, celebrities and the well to do, bring various gifts in appreciation of his quality services. Added to this, Sekuru Banda is arguably one of the richest traditional healer in the continent.

The conferences are set to empower him as he shares ideas with the world’s best.

He is expected to bring a wealth of experience in the use of herbal therapy to treat various ailments and share knowledge with other traditional healers locally .

Nigel Pfunde