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[Image Credit: Seh Calaz Facebook]

Seh Calaz Opens Up About His Deep Connection with Fashion Guru Mudiwa Hood!

Seh Calaz Opens Up About His Deep Connection with Fashion Guru Mudiwa Hood!

Zimbabwean Kambucha brand ambassador, Seh Calaz, expressed gratitude to Mudiwa Hood for styling him, acknowledging Mudiwa’s hard work and business acumen. In a heartfelt social media post, Calaz thanked Mudiwa and praised his success and dedication.

Calaz’s Appreciation for Mudiwa Hood

Seh Calaz, the face of Kambucha Drink, took to facebook to publicly thank Mudiwa Hood for dressing him. Calaz expressed his newfound appreciation for Mudiwa’s entrepreneurial spirit and the effort he puts into his businesses’ growth. He acknowledged Mudiwa’s role in his personal development, stating, “Thanks, bro, for dressing me. Mubhanditi kutoita jenduruman ka paye. Now I know why you’re successful in your grind, your strategies, your actions, and your consistency.”

Mudiwa Hood and Other Prominent CEOs

Continuing his tribute, Calaz compared Mudiwa Hood’s humility to that of other prominent CEOs, including Tinashe Mutarisiri of Nashpaints and Eric, the CEO of Kambucha. Calaz recounted visiting Mudiwa’s shop after closing time, only to have Mudiwa himself reopen it so that Calaz could purchase an expensive suit.

Seh Calaz’s Impact as a Brand Ambassador

Seh Calaz was appointed as the brand ambassador for Kambucha Drink in 2022 and has since actively promoted the product on his social media platforms and during his live shows. His endorsement has been instrumental in popularizing Kambucha, earning him the title of “Brand Ambassador of the Year.”

Promoting Health and Community Engagement

Utilizing his role as the brand ambassador, Seh Calaz launched a football and netball tournament in Mbare, his hometown, as a means to steer young people away from drug and substance abuse. Calaz’s efforts aim to foster a healthier lifestyle and provide positive recreational opportunities for the youth.

Rewarding Seh Calaz’s Dedication

In recognition of Seh Calaz’s unwavering commitment to promoting Kambucha, Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe, the beverage’s producer, presented him with a brand new Toyota Hilux GD-6 Raider Double cab. Calaz proudly shared photos on his Facebook account, standing beside the sleek grey vehicle and holding the car ownership documents alongside Fresh Kambucha Drink Zimbabwe staff.