You are currently viewing Emotional Moment: CCC President Nelson Chamisa pays condolences to Tinashe Chitsunge’s Family in Glen View
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Emotional Moment: CCC President Nelson Chamisa pays condolences to Tinashe Chitsunge’s Family in Glen View

Emotional Moment: CCC President Nelson Chamisa pays condolences to Tinashe Chitsunge’s Family in Glen View

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), president Advocate Nelson Chamisa visited Glen View to extend his condolences to Tinashe Chitsunge’s grieving family. Tinashe was an active member of the CCC and lost his life during a rally in Glen View.

Mob Violence Claims a Life

Tinashe Chitsunge met his untimely demise on Thursday when a group of rampaging Zanu PF supporters disrupted the planned rally. Witnesses have provided accounts indicating that Tinashe, attempting to evade the violent mob, sought refuge by attempting to board a slow-moving DAF truck. Unfortunately, he was struck on the head by a stone, causing him to fall and suffer fatal injuries.

CCC Demands Swift Action

In light of this tragic incident, the CCC has called for prompt police intervention to bring the perpetrators to justice, reported ZimLive.

Implications for Upcoming Elections

The incident, occurring just weeks before the general elections, casts a shadow over the forthcoming plebiscite. Opposition parties have expressed concerns about the ruling Zanu PF party’s alleged abuse of state institutions to impede their mobilization efforts.

Police Investigation Underway

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed that an investigation into the incident of public violence is currently underway in the Riverside area of Glen Norah. One fatality has been confirmed, and the scene is being meticulously examined by relevant police units.

Arrests Made, Investigation Ongoing

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi provided a later update, stating that two suspected ringleaders were arrested for their involvement in the violence. Although murder charges were not explicitly mentioned, Nyathi suggested the incident might be considered a road traffic accident. The arrested individuals are expected to be charged with offenses related to public violence.

CCC’s Account of the Rally

Fadzayi Mahere, the CCC spokesperson, detailed the incident, confirming that the rally had police authorization. Nevertheless, Zanu PF supporters arrived early, barricaded the entrance, and initiated violence against CCC members.

Eyewitness Testimony

An anonymous witness recounted a distressing narrative of Zanu PF supporters pelting CCC members with stones. Sadly, amid the turmoil, Tinashe Chitsunge suffered a fatal blow to the head, leading to his premature death.

Criminal Liability and Investigation

Legal experts contend that despite the accidental nature of Tinashe’s contact with the truck, his death warrants a murder investigation. Thabani Mpofu, an advocate in Zimbabwe’s superior courts, stressed that if Tinashe perished while fleeing a politically motivated assault, the culpable mob must face criminal prosecution.

Election Countdown

As Zimbabweans prepare to cast their votes on August 23, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa aims to bring an end to Zanu PF’s longstanding rule.