You are currently viewing CCC mourns Chitsunge, demands justice as police investigate his death

CCC mourns Chitsunge, demands justice as police investigate his death

CCC mourns Chitsunge, demands justice as police investigate his death

The family of late Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Tinashe Chitsunge, who was brutally killed by suspected Zanu PF supporters on Thursday, is still waiting for his post-mortem results before they can bury him.

Government said Friday that 12 suspects have since been arrested over the tragic incident.

Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe issued a stern warning to those who engage in political violence and seek to tarnish the country’s reputation ahead of the elections and beyond. He said they will face the full force of the law regardless of their political affiliations.

He said at a press briefing in Harare, Friday, that police are ready to deal with offenders.

“We are concerned by the recent outbreak of isolated incidents of political violence in some parts of the country as we prepare for the forthcoming harmonized elections. Government does not tolerate acts of violence by individuals, groups, or political parties under the pretext of campaigning for the elections. I have instructed the Police Commissioner General (Godwin Matanga) to arrest perpetrators of violence without considering one’s political stature, status, identity, or financial muscle. All troublemakers who want to ruin the image of the country and discredit the upcoming elections will regret their actions,” Kazembe said.

He added that police investigations into Chitsunge’s murder have intensified.

He also said that police would establish if another incident in Nyanga, where several CCC supporters coming from a rally were also attacked by supporters of the ruling party, was politically motivated public violence or not.

“Violence is violence. Police need to find out if it was politically induced. We have always had violence even before the elections and we will always have violence after the elections. All I can assure you is that police are leaving no stone unturned at every crime committed. They will only determine what type of violence it was after investigations. With any form of violence, some people will be held accountable. There are no sacred cows. No matter where you belong, violence is violence, crime is crime, and it will be handled accordingly,” Kazembe added.

In mourning Chitsunge, Kazembe said, “My ministry deeply regrets the loss of life which occurred and passes its condolences to the family of Tinashe Edson Chitsunge. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has since arrested 12 suspects in connection with this tragic incident.”

He said the security arms of the government are on high alert to deal with criminal elements decisively before and after elections, urging all political leaders to assist in the maintenance of law and order by their supporters to shun all forms of violence.

Meanwhile, CCC aspiring legislator for Glenview South, Grandmore Hakata said he was in touch with Chitsunge’s family which is reportedly awaiting postmortem results likely to be obtained this coming Monday.

CCC mourns Chitsunge, demands justice as police investigate his death