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Malema hits out at Mnangagwa administration

Malema hits out at Mnangagwa administration

Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa’s opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has advocated for Zimbabwe to undertake genuine measures to ensure free and fair elections. Malema’s statements were made on the eve of his party’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, emphasizing the importance of genuine reform rather than superficial measures to win the confidence of the international community.

He encouraged Zimbabweans, both at home and in the diaspora, to raise their voices and demand credible elections.

“We stand with the people of Zimbabwe. They must persevere and reclaim their nation from the clutches of kleptocracy. We call upon the international community to lift sanctions and help Zimbabwe find its path to prosperity again,” Malema declared.

The upcoming elections have been overshadowed by allegations from the opposition that the electoral playing field is unfairly tilted in favor of the ruling party, Zanu PF. In response to this, Malema emphasized that Zimbabwe must conduct genuine elections if it hopes to gain the confidence of the international community and put an end to the sanctions that have been imposed on the nation.

“This mere façade of elections will not suffice; true democracy is the only way forward. The Zimbabwean people must remain steadfast and unwavering in their pursuit of a better future,” Malema asserted.

The Zimbabwean government, represented by the ministry of information permanent secretary, Ndabaningi Mangwana, dismissed Malema’s statements, accusing him of being sympathetic to the G40 faction. Despite this, Malema’s party remained resolute in their stance, advocating for a democratic process that would pave the way for Zimbabwe’s progress.