SDC up-in-arms against headmaster over abuse of funds

special ant-corruption commission
  • Head, accounts clerk collude to steal from school
  • Ncube still at work station despite reaching retirement age

A KUWADZANA 7 Primary School head, one Ncube, is facing allegations of converting the institution’s money to his own use, Zim Morning Post has gathered.

Sources close to this publication revealed that Ncube – on numerous occasions – helped himself to funds belonging to the school, citing uncountered for allowances such as transport and airtime, among others.

He has been taking school funds as allowances without the knowledge of the School Development Committee (SDC).

There is no resolution by the SDC to account for the allowances yet the school policy says any allowance to be given to the headmaster should be in the knowledge of the SDC and other relevant school authorities,” he said.

Ncube has reportedly been embezzling funds since last year to January 31 in collusion with the school’s accounts clerk.

The head of office also allegedly stole 150 litres of petrol monthly, the total which when converted amounted to 38% of the school’s yearly budget.

There are reports that the late school administrator had confronted him on the alleged abuse of school funds to no avail.

An SDC member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the head had also defrauded parents of their money while asking them to pay US$10 for ECD classes’ benches.

After failing to purchase the said benches, the head later allegedly told parents that he would refund their money using the EcoCash platform, in the process prejudicing them of US$8.

When the ECD pupils where being enrolled, he asked the parents to pay cash equvalent to US$10 for uniforms, only to call for a meeting last month to inform parents that the school was going to give back the money via the EcoCash platform,” the source said.

Meanwhile, according to Information this publication is in possession of, the head was supposed to have been retired already, although he is still currently at his work station.

In Zimbabwe, corruption has became common practice, accounting for the deepening socio-economic crisis in the country.


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