Securico guard murdered as security companies targeted in robbery spree

  • Fake guards hit Harare premise

SECURICO Security Services guard who was manning a business premise in Harare has been shot dead while his colleague is battling for his life after being attacked by robbers who are believed to have had inside information.

Police said “one of the robbers was clad in uniform misrepresented to the guards as if he was one of them and was allowed into the premises.”

The robbers clad in Securico Security Services uniform then disarmed the genuine guard on duty.

His partner who was behind the building found his colleague lying down and sensed danger and tried to escape before he was shot and killed by one of the robbers who then stole a pistol from him,” Police said in a statement.

“The third unsuspecting guard was shot in the stomach as the suspects fled from the scene in a silver Toyota Porte. The driver of the Toyota later surrendered himself to the police claiming that his two accomplices who are at large hired his taxi and forced him to participate in the robbery. Investigations are in progress,” Police added.

The incident comes as robberies targeting security guards are on the rise.

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