SB Moyo admitted In South Africa

Exit door?: Foreign Affairs minister SB Moyo likely to be affected by the looming cabinet reshuffle

FOREIGN Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo is admitted at a hospital in South Africa, Zim Morning Post has heard.

In confirming the report, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said the minister was undergoing what he called a scheduled medical procedure.

Writing on his microblogging site Twitter, Charamba who uses the monicker, Jamwanda2, said: “This is a scheduled operation. I can’t vouch that he is now admitted. But I am aware this was a pending event, after Mauritius.”

Charamba was responding to a question from journalist and former editor of Daily News, Stanley Gama, who had intimated that Moyo was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), awaiting a complicated medical procedure.

In sentiments directed to Charamba and Information, Publicity and Broadcasting ministry’s permanent Secretary, Ndabaningi Mangwana, Gama wrote: “I’m reliably informed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, SB Moyo, is admitted at a South African hospital where he is undergoing a complicated procedure. The source says he is in the ICU. This is not officially verified yet. @Jamwanda2 and @nickmangwana, please, help on this one. Where is he?”

After confirmation that, indeed, Moyo was admitted at a South African hospital, Gama added: “So it’s confirmed that SB Moyo is in South Africa for an operation. I obviously pray he gets well. SB and Zanu PF bigwigs can be flown to South Africa for treatment, but does this government ever think of the thousands dying due to lack of medical care. @edmnangagwa, people are dying like rats in Zimbabwe.”

The minister is reported to be afflicted by a kidney condition and spent around four months last year without making a public appearance, having again been admitted at a South African hospital. 

Moyo was initially admitted at the Avenues Clinic in Harare, around September, in what was then said to be a minor ailment.

From then, his medical condition deteriorated, resulting also in his public appearances diminishing.

In response to Moyo’s prolonged absence from public life, authorities said then that the minister was in South Africa where he was receiving specialist medical attention.

Currently, Zimbabwe is in the throng of a debilitating healthcare crisis, with the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration already having fired over 200 doctors.

A further 300 doctors are set to lose their jobs after the government ruthlessly cracked down on doctors for going on a strike for improved general working conditions.

The industrial action by junior and middle level doctors is now in its
third month.

If the 300 doctors who are in the line of fire are eventually dismissed, Zimbabwe would easily make history by becoming the first country in contemporary times to have lost a third of its doctors to man made causes within the confinement of just three months.


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