SA Police clash with refugees in Cape Town

MORE than 100 refugees in South Africa, including Zimbabweans, were arrested after they clashed with police during a protest in Cape Town.

The protest, which started in the mid hours of Wednesday morning, reportedly left dozens of protesters injured and in need of immediate medication.

The refugees have been demanding that they be relocated to another country as reports of violence against foreigners in South Africa continue to do the rounds.

Protesters claim that the Government of South Africa has failed to criminalise xenophobia, hence the refugees’ desire for relocation elsewhere.

 Millions of Zimbabweans have found their way to South Africa in search of a better economic and political environment.

South Africa is resident to millions of Africans who left their countries for various reasons, among them political persecution, with others using the country as a launch pad for criminal activities.

The majority of refugees in South Africa come from war-torn countries like Egypt, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali.